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"Put that box in the storage room, I won't need those till fall. High cheek bones, defined jaw line, slender nose, and plump lips.

I on the other hand had been blown away the first time I laid eyes on her.


Jackson had an office job so I doubted we would run into one another often, if ever. I reached around and took two handfuls of her ass through her booty shorts.

Then I used my new leverage to pull her body down into mine so I could grind into her with more pressure. Then moved her mouth to my ear and began breathing heavily.

I moved one hand to her chest and pushed against one of her breasts.

The upper level was rather large, but only had a few rooms. I dutifully began my task while Hailey and her Mother laid out the salad, and grilled chicken. Jackson worked full days and still had energy to come home and cook. After we began dishing our food and Hailey started telling her Mother how she planned to decorate the downstairs. Her face was beginning to show the hint of wrinkles, but it wasn't bad, after all she was in her late 40's. And she didn't wear it quite as long, it fell just past her shoulders when she wore it down, tonight it was pulled back in a bun.

One big kitchen, a living room with two sofas facing a flat screen, a sitting area that opened up into the dining room where a long rectangular table sat. I took opportunity to listen and look at the two of them interact. And I was glad, I hoped Hailey would age as well as her mother, Ms. Her lips were plump like her daughters, perhaps slightly more full actually. While Hailey weighed 115 pounds I would have guessed her mom weighed closer to 140 lbs. It was of course amazing not to have rent to worry about. "But were just as busy tomorrow." My hand moved back to her breast. I have to get up early in the morning." She rolled over so that she was facing me. I forget his name but she had been seeing this guy for the longest out of all of them.Hailey wrapped one hand around the base of my shaft, the other hand reached down to massage her wettening pussy. She gave the head of my penis one more lick with the tip of her tongue and then opened wide to take me in... I clumsily pulled my shorts up and reached for my shirt. Jackson stuck her head in the doorway seconds later.



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    No.32 is a very stylish restaurant by day and a stunning elegant cocktail bar by night.

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