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His recent work includes: Through these programs, and others, Mackenroth has a proven ability to effectively navigate the HIV/AIDS media landscape in the US.

He has appeared as the keynote speaker and special guest at national conferences, fundraisers and special HIV/AIDS related events.

I would also like to add that in the past I had 2 boyfriends for two years each and both of them were and are still HIV negative. Hopefully Mackenroth's forthright addressing of the matter will put it to rest, allowing the pair to return to the exciting process of discovering each others' likes, dislikes, and bodies according to their own relaxed, "let's just see where this goes and try not think about the millions of busybodies liveblogging every blip of our budding romance" schedules.

Jack Mackenroth has comprehensive knowledge of the HIV/AIDS space in the United States, including key issues, relevant media, top advocacy organizations, and influential activists and thought leaders.


When it comes to Reality TV shows the winner isn’t always the most memorable contestant as was the case on Project Runway’s Season 4, which featured fashion designer Jack Mackenroth. Whether that’s just being a visible person or talking about it, or all of the campaign and media stuff that I do. Bringing together all of these people, starting this movement. Still today when I post on Facebook I get comments from gay guys that are like “oh there’s no HIV stigma anymore.” I’m like are you insane? If you don’t think there’s an HIV stigma I challenge you to post I am HIV positive on your Facebook page. If I would have just said off the cuff, “Oh, by the way, I’m HIV positive,” which is how I act, I think most of America would have been like “What?

So yeah, I don’t know the reason why I’m doing so well, but I’m glad I am. After I finished freaking out in the early years, I felt I needed to give back and become a part of this movement, especially since I’m one of the fortunate ones doing well.

In the early days no one knew what was going to happen to you. Not because I knew what the right choices were, but because I was a competitive swimmer so I have always been very health conscious. I found a medication in the early years that worked for me and I stayed on it for about 15 years.

He has also utilized his vast knowledge and quick wit as a television and radio host and frequent guest on multiple multimedia platforms.

Mackenroth serves as a go-to interview subject for print and broadcast media on a wide variety of issues related to HIV/AIDS (personal story of being HIV , stigma, discrimination, health, disclosure, dating, etc.) as is illustrated by the number of cover stories attached.

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