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For 36 years, Tegan and Sara Quin have shared a face and a voice.They are two wholes but also two halves — a seemingly impossible math riddle to navigate and negotiate as people, sisters, musicians and business partners. It's a long ways from being scrappy, 15-year-old Calgary punks, but after more than 20 years perfecting their songwriting and strategic building, near blow-ups and brilliant risk-taking, Tegan and Sara have crafted the all-too-rare third (but by no means final) act: mainstream pop stardom.They discover punk, grunge and riot grrrl scenes, and attending local gigs with friends."I had this instinct that if they could make music, then I could too," Tegan says in a 2013 interview with .

"People in the industry asked us to open for bands that were coming to town," Tegan tells in 2000.When their school tries to ban baggy pants because of the ridiculous notion that it leads to gang culture, the twins launched a protest."Our mother told us, 'This is fucking fascist, and so what we're gonna do is sign a petition and we're gonna do a sit-in and change the infrastructure,'" Sara tells .The twins are already skipping school to focus on their music, so Sonia challenges them to take a professional approach, driving them to coffee shops to sell cassettes and pass out resumes.

They graduate but resist enrolling in university, Tegan tells .They gather 30 peers and discuss censorship, assembling outside the school office. We should understand what we care about, and we should participate and support the people that we do care about." Music also begins to shape the sisters' lives, as Sara tells in 2006.


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