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There’s a long list of celebrities who have worn his clothes on his website.

If you, like me, miss seeing Siriano’s fabulous personality on Project Runway, then you should be as excited as I am on the news that he will be returning on the runway as a judge.



But all in all, I think he is definitely someone who people do remember. He was quite eccentric on the show and his creations were… Especially the ice skating costume which looked like a, exotic, dead bird.

Although it won’t be on the main show, but the latest spin off, Project Runway Junior, which will include designers who are 13 to 17 years old.

I am certain it will be interesting to watch, not least for the judges (Kelly Osbourne will join Siriano and the editor of Cosmopolitan and Seventeen Magazine, Aya Kanai). Siriano will grace the runway again in the show starting on November 12. Austin Scarlett, Season 1 Austin Scarlett had a very winning personality, at least to me.

Project Runway is one of my all time favourite TV shows. Season 4 is actually the first season of Project Runway that I saw.


Every season the show brings together a cast of colourful characters, because, at least in the world of Project Runway, fashion designers have big personalities. Christian Siriano is probably part of the reason why I enjoyed the show so much and went on to be a PR obsessive who has seen every single episode of the show to date.

Front row: , Jerell Scott (season 5), Anthony Williams (season 7), April Johnston (season 8), Michael Costello (season 8). Her website says: "empowered by impressive accolades and clientele, Kara Saun continues to expand her emerging brand into the fashion and entertainment realm, where there are no limits to the amazing adventures to come." (She even dressed Amanda Bynes once, though presumably not too recently.) Is she really an All Star? The moment remains Project Runway's version of the Princess Beatrice hat. Don't tell him his sparring partner Angela is also in the final lineup and he just might. Though his whimsical, costume-heavy designs might not go down well with the judges, a second season's worth of exposure would surely only help his brand. If he's so inclined, he could be unstoppable (and still understated). Also, among a season of contestants taking bitchy past the point at which it's fun to watch, Viktor kept his sass in moderation — and in good fun. There aren't many Runway contestants more deserving of another shot. (And ok, we've already got Santino but let's have two this time.


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