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But the period is on the alternative keyboard, and it’s a bit of a pain to switch back and forth between keyboards continually.The shift-swipe trick is nice, but there’s an even faster move to master: double tap the space bar to get a period and space. You can get to it via Settings The button is pretty handy; it’s even handier that you can add a few extra TLDs with the tap-and-hold trick.If you find yourself typing a specific international TLD often, you can add it to that pop-up by enabling the appropriate international keyboard. Do you realize that this tip can save about five seconds every time?Go to Setting If you just need to access a regular website, you don’t even have to hit that button. We all have our favourites sites, our preferred places for daily doses of news or inspiration.By tapping the status bar at the top of your screen, you’ll by whisked straight back up to the top.This nice tip can turn annoying quite easily, though. The latest version of Instapaper lets you return to where you were if you didn’t mean to tap the status bar. Ever wonder how software reviewers take pictures of the apps without screen glare? Just press the Home and Sleep buttons at the same time.If you’ve got misgivings, you can tap and hold that link.


But there’s a lot more functionality than initially meets the eye.If you’re in Search or at another home screen, you’ll be taken to your first home screen. It doesn’t happen often, but it is possible that your i Phone will freeze up. It might look like it’s sucked down a black hole, but that’s certainly not the case.When that happens, hold the Home and Sleep buttons until the screen goes black, and subsequently shows the Apple logo. When you close an app, much of it remains in memory, so it can be opened again quickly.You can make these super-easy to access by adding them to your home screen.

Simply tap the “ ” button in Safari and choose “Add to Homescreen.” Then, you can give it the desired label and save it.You’ll hear a camera shutter (or, rather, the sound of a camera shutter), and your current screen is saved automatically in your camera roll.



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