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To copyright holders

No one could trace all the facts of copyright infringement in UGC video-hosting services until now. With the help of our unique technique you will always be able to know who and where infringes your copyrights. We will provide you with the full and exact statistics including the links of your video posted on such services as Youtube, Rutube,, [email protected] and so on.
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To advertising agencies

For advertising agencies, seeding “viral video”, we can suggest a unique tool for tracing the amount of views not only of the video clips from the first seed, but also from the second and the following waves, when the video is being reloaded again and again on different video hosting services in Runet. Earlier, these views used to be unrecorded, but now we are able to count everything so that the report on the advertising campaign would look more attractive for the client.
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To people

We’ve discovered a unique indicator of the quality of the video clip – its “Bayan”. It is obvious that the more interesting the video is, the more often it is copied and uploaded on video hosting services using different accounts. It’s a real “quality mark” from Runet users. Thanks to this discover we make the most actual charts with the best Runet video clips. Be sure, none of our video clips leaves you untouched.
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