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He’s even gotten most of the uniformed unions on board—except the rank-and-file bargaining units, which are eagerly awaiting a deal with the Patrolmen’s Benevolent Association, locked in arbitration with the city after bitter talks stalled. John Banks President of the Real Estate Board of New York Mr. Suri Kasirer Founder, Kasirer Consulting The founder of Kasirer Consulting has been the city’s best-paid lobbyist for nearly a decade. Mc Cray now has focused her work on issues of mental health and child development and has largely avoided the press, conducting interviews only in writing. Louis, Mo., has forged a working friendship with Mr. Figueroa’s union is always a coveted endorsement on Election Day because so many Latinos, a fast-growing demographic in the city, belong to it.

Banks will take over the reigns of the real estate industry lobby from Steven Spinola, who held the highly influential post for nearly 30 years. Malatras has been particularly visible in pushing Mr. While his term expires at the end of June, it is likely he will be re-appointed—and in an era when fares seem perpetually on the rise, and the MTA shuts down the trains without giving the mayor advance notice, few have more influence on the daily lives of New Yorkers than Mr. A Democrat married to Bruce Teitelbaum, former Mayor Rudolph Giuliani’s chief-of-staff, Ms. It didn’t help that her former chief of staff, Rachel Noerdlinger, became a major distraction for the administration before departing. Mc Cray remains her husband’s “closest advisor,” even if she hasn’t taken on the high-profile role some expected. George Gresham President, 1199 SEIU Of all the city and state labor leaders in 2013, none had more foresight than Mr. de Blasio despite the Cardinal’s conservative social views. But the Brooklyn native leads one of the most influential unions in the city, cutting a deal last year that could raise the salary of a maid to nearly ,000 in a decade. Beyond winning campaigns and driving a hard bargain with building owners, Mr. Mark-Viverito is the second most powerful pol in the city, Pitta Bishop Del Giorno & Giblin will be a preeminent behind-the-scenes player. Bruce Ratner Founder, Forest City Ratner The controversial stadium he erected in Brooklyn won’t host next year’s Democratic Party convention, but the Forest City Ratner founder remains a major player on the city’s political scene. de Blasio’s closest friends and fundraisers in the real estate community, with ties stretching back to the latter’s days in the City Council, Mr. Al Sharpton Reverend, National Action Network Whither the Reverend? Sharpton’s influence in City Hall seemed to be cemented when the mayor’s wife hired his top aide, Rachel Noerdlinger, to be her chief of staff.

She will be twisting arms in land use negotiations to bump up the amount of affordable housing developers will build, while balancing concerns about gentrification displacing long-term residents in changing parts of the city. Jonathan Rosen Co-Founder, Berlin Rosen The consulting firm he co-founded, Berlin Rosen, serves as the mouthpiece of Mr. Moskowitz has far more power outside the political machine than she ever did within it, forging a close bond with the governor that allowed her to secure unprecedented protections for charter schools in last year’s legislative session. Dean Skelos State Senate Majority Leader The low-key Long Island Republican may see his profile rise for the wrong reason— reported recently he is the next pol in the crosshairs of Mr. But for now, as majority leader, he is able to thwart Mr. Skelos should he be forced to depart, including Senators Catharine Young, John Flanagan and John De Francisco. Joe Percoco Executive Deputy Secretary to the Governor Anyone who crosses Andrew Cuomo will have to deal with Mr.


— not exactly being the most loved films of the last few years.

He’s the bureaucrat who helps execute the mayor’s big ideas, nicknamed the “city’s super” for his ability to fix the problems that arise day and night. Alicia Glen Deputy Mayor The mayor has said year two of his administration will be focused on housing, and Ms.


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