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The cows decide to sail to Africa, and take over a chunk of land when they arrive.

They send messages to their friends telling them to come.

Your cow that gets fired tries to complain about discrimination, but the police accuse it of sodomy, arrest it, beat the shit out of it, and force you to pay a bribe to get it out of jail.

After it gets out of prison it gets fed up and moves to Singapore. Every three years, some random middle-aged people get up and promise you ten cows if you vote for them and foresay doom and destruction and that nobody will have any cows if you vote for the other guy. Life goes on as normal and you still have two cows. One of your cows is blocking the construction of a highway.

The tax forms must be filled out in English and French. You have two cows, but some other cows starting coming from other contries and wants to live with you. Then, that cow is defeated anissue from the end, and it's revealed that another cow that's come out of nowhere is actually the major villain.


You have always been at war with the people who have three cows. You have always been allied with the people who have one cow. The Mafia shows up and takes over however many cows you really have. Your president makes it illegal to vote for anybody not on the registered voting list (approved by him). " You shrug and, on an impulse, buy the Pacific Ocean, and charge rent to all of Australia. The Swedish cows were still standing there waiting to be introduced to the other cows. You are required by law to surrender one cow to the CPF corral lah.A whole herd of cows take over Africa, enslave the native cows and declare their superiority over the native cows.Your cows become the co-presidents of their colony, the native cows hate the new cows and the economy goes bankrupt, the government goes corrupt and the native cows and new cows become segregated.For 5 euros, you can have sex with one of the cows. They go to sauna every day naked and swim in a lake no matter whether it is either winter or summer. You are scared of Russia right next to you, and you think that it's better to just hide them into your small basement. Part of the smaller cow wants to be friends with the bigger cow but the other part of him just wants to break his kneecaps. One you give to the government to protect you, and the other is blown up because you accidentally left it in a public place.

They die, and you are happy because now you can send pictures to myspace. The third is taken by the government, and given to the Shas party in return for 3 votes on the Cow referendum about where the cows are coming from. Everyone else has a lot more cows than you, but they all want your two cows. The UN took them from Palestine and gave them to you. They like to perform perverse sexual acts with each other. The cows become really popular and you export the cows worldwide. One goes crazy and creates a socialist paradise, before deciding that all other cows must die and deploying nuclear force.

Within 50 years your land is unproductive and afflicated by salinity, and the cows are nearly dead.


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