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If you're an aspiring writer or graphics creator, IMVU is great as a creative or educational outlet.If you're smart about keeping your personal information(for those that don't know, that includes your full name, age, birthday, address, school/work, and appearance) to a limit, it is a great way of meeting new people and staying in touch, as I stated before.Well i have played and they do use cyber sex and my parents let me continue on the website but then it was an issue but i knew to get off of it when a teenager asked me where i live, whats your address,don't worry i wont hurt u,i will take care of u and i will make u feel good so i ran to my mom and i was to be asked to never be on there again the guy got in trouble and found out he was 30it can happen to teens to so thank u and thank u for listening!I don't mind it, but there are a few pros and cons, and unfortunately, the cons outweigh the pros.Also, the “Help Tickets” in IMVU only give you a computer-created response, if any at all.

Though it might seem a pain or unnecessary, if you're under 18, it would help if your parents were kept informed of any threats, inappropriate messages, disturbing content, or other things that make you feel uncomfortable; 1) so they trust you more, 2) so they can help, if possible, and/or 3) so they can inform the police if the messages/content continues.The newly created persona then enters one ofa choice of several “chat” locations, waits to be approached and the visits begin.There are many choices of demeanor and actions such as “flirty”, “bashful” “angry”, and several different types of “hugs” and “kisses”.It's easy to become engulfed in the virtual world, to have it mean more than the real world, like many other games.

The nudity is a problem, and I know first-hand that if another Avatar is showing nude or sexual content, you WILL see it, even without the "Access Pass" or "VIP Membership".District Attorney Scott Storey warns, “The use of Avatar animation on this site will make it even more appealing to younger users.


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    Around one in four relationships start online now, and among the millennial generation, the number is likely to be even higher.

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    A premium account allows me: Though this service is convenient, it will surely hit my pocket.

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