Hindi dating white

We have been really close friends for about 3 years now and only for about 6 months have been dating.Right now her parents think we're just good friends and haven't broken it to them yet. I have never heard of those stereotypes but I would hope they're not true.If anyone else is in a similar situation and ever wants to discuss it I think about it alot so feel free to message or e-mail me.I'm really hoping I don't offend her family down the road.hello i have been dating only indian men since i was young and allot of indian men turned me down because they like white women and...i personally think white girls are not pretty ...indian man said their exotic and a bust out laughing because white girls are not exotic i think they sleep around allot their...


(this is the worst part) Personally, I think white girls are pretty. It is true that they demand more from a relationship and are much more independent than the average indian lady but they are worth every bit of the trouble.

We had sex when we felt it was right, and cared about each other enough to do so.

I would say my girlfriend is very "Americanized" though because she grew up here.

I think my girlfriend is flat out gorgeous and I know so many attractive Indian girls.

I have always been attracted to them and have always gotten along well with Hindu's because they are very nice, loving people, and aren't spoiled and don't take things for granted like many Americans do. Her parents are strict and very religious but she really isn't (I hope it doesn't cause grief for her down the road).To answer your question: I think the BIGGEST reason white guys might not be open to dating Hindu's is because of the culture barrier and the strict parents, I thought about that alot before dating my current g/f, but cared about her too much to let that stop me.



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    When asked if they’ve been arranging dates on the apps they’ve been swiping at, all say not one date, but two or three: “You can’t be stuck in one lane …

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