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In 2014, Desperate Housewives actress Heidi Klum started dating 13 years younger Vito Schnabel.The couple recently appeared in the bikinis in Venice.And that's Then, tequila flowed during their Mexican getaway and Spence proposed that he and Heidi say "I do" right there in the sand.Speidi ultimately used their better judgement and decided to wait, thus leading to... Pratt at an impromptu courthouse ceremony -- but there's no denying that Speidi's fairytale nuptials will live in infamy.Hopefully he packed a few for their stay at "Marriage Boot Camp"!



And to prepare for the duo's triumphant return to the small screen, we're taking a look back at where their extraordinary love affair began -- and reliving some of their most memorable MTV moments: After Kristin Cavallari played matchmaker, Spencer and Heidi dined at their go-to place (Mexican restaurant Don Antonio's) for their very first onscreen date.Even though Spencer wasn't too pleased with Heidi's tactics, the ordeal proved he would be there through thick and thin.Spencer capitalized on Heidi's deteriorating friendship with her longtime buddy Lauren Conrad by using it to lure his lady love to move in with him.We've polled everybody, ever, and no one is of the opinion that Heidi and Spencer wouldn't do it all over again in a heartbeat. )Actually, there's something rather heartwarming in the fact that some things never change, Speidi's satisfaction in remaining the standard-bearers for reality-TV villainy being one of them.

And judging by that 9/11 comment, it sounds as if they'd be doing it right now on TV if they could! (They have the gallery of framed tabloid covers to prove it.)"We were fame whores, getting literally a million plus a year in photos and being hated for it," Pratt also said in the new article. "The bottom line is, I'm making people react and ultimately not think about that we are in a war in Iraq and are trying to pick leaders," Spencer told Radar Online back in 2007, defending the very important purpose he felt he was serving at the time.

"They were all over each other," an insider told the mag. They are definitely an item." "You could tell that they were in the moment.



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