Han ji min dating 2016

Well, sometimes the answers are specific, but sometimes ambiguous.

They often pick one of the stars, who matches the most to their ideal types, when they can’t describe the person, they are dreaming of, in words.

The first dating rumor surfaced on February after the two idols were spotted shopping together on a famous Edit Shop, soon after the second dating rumor resurfaced when they were spotted wearing the same sneakers, which fans call a couple item.

Their fans claimed that the two are simply close friends.

after the news that i KON is planning to make a stage debut.

These rumors first surfaced back in Summer of 2014.


I, Kim Jin Hwan, Koo Jun Hoe, Song Yun Hyeong, and Jung Chan Woo.

Idols’ Ideal Types 2015 Compilation : VIXX Now, K-POP MAP will tell you ideal types that your bias has revealed.



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