Guinevere turner dating


After the final break with Wilson, Hudson was Dating comedian Dax Randall Shepard and cyclist Lance Armstrong.Since 2010, met with Muse front man Matthew Bellamy.With sweeping visuals and multiple complex female characters, the staying power of this historic film cannot be denied.In 1996, there were only so many images of black women onscreen, not to mention black lesbians.” hilarious best friend (Jackie Hoffman), and a lovably overbearing Jewish mother (Tovah Feldshuh).Without spoiling the ending (if you haven’t seen it, you really should), there are valid reasons to wish “Kissing Jessica Stein” were a little bit gayer.

“Desert Hearts” was the first lesbian movie that didn’t involve a love triangle with a man, or end in tragedy.

Fergie Duhamel is a 41 years old American singer, fashion designer and actress.

Her vocals sound in the songs “Beautiful Dangerous” and “Paradise City” Slash album.

Before she was known as Jon Hamm’s partner, Jennifer Westfeldt was the plucky writer and star of this indie romantic comedy about a neurotic Jew who, like a bisexual Woody Allen, just can’t make up her mind.


Westfeldt plays the titular, Jessica, who comes across a pre-Craigslist personal ad so perfectly written it leaves her speechless (a rarity for her).Recently celebrating its 30th anniversary with a gorgeous 35mm screenings at the Museum of Modern Art, this groundbreaking classic was the first time lesbians got to sit in a movie theater, with popcorn, and see a little piece of themselves on the silver screen.


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