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It is wrong and a cruel thing to do to women-- give them hope that a guy this attractive wants them, when of course, he doesn't. It's pathetic how Rob calls this guy his "wingman" (see Rob's Twitter page).

And I agree that him "favorting" your tweet, from a man calling him "handsome," is a HUGE sign of where this guy's true sexual attraction lies. Meanwhile, neither one of them ever pick up a woman!

I just know all this from following him and word of mouth. Not everyone wants to come out no matter how "gay friendly" NBC clearly is.

I've attached a link of a picture of them from last Halloween (Adam is the one in the white), and "admityouregay" is someone who knew the dirt on them and attempted to "out" Rob. Checky Beckford, yes that's EXACTLY why he wouldn't ride the float-- he's in the closet!!!!I wish him well whatever his preferences are."I know Rob. Sorry, folks."Well if he is truly NOT gay he had better start blowing some guys because without the inherent glamour of being gay in the NYC media world, he is simply another temporarily telegenic bland anchorman. R128, Again, I don't know for sure, but I can only guess that he is.


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