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You often see couples out there who are basically like roommates that have exciting, fulfilling, casual sex, the trouble is, that kind of relationship almost always eventually falls apart, as either one party gets bored and starts looking around for something else (and thinks that’s okay with the other person, because of the casual nature of the relationship), or someone gets too attached for the casual atmosphere, and ends up weirding the whole thing out, through overly powerful and damaging emotions.

History may seem boring, but the history of pornography is rich with depictions of heterosexual sex, homosexual sex, oral sex, orgies and more. Sex is one of humankind's most basic physiological needs.

If they want to cancel they may have to pay a cancellation fee and, well, that isn’t how it should be is it?

This is similar to the friends-with-benefits cliché, but really, let's be honest about the situation.

Many people are in the debate of which is better: porn or live sex?

Yes, we’re talking about the “size question”, that is to say, does size really matter?

While many men worry about the size of their package, interestingly enough a quick glance around the ‘net reveals that penis size matter a hell of a lot more to neurotic, self-conscious, heterosexual men than to women.

Yeah, we’re pretty much biased, but we think we have a good reason to be. So, if you’re not sure where to start, well we chose the top 5 camgirls that are killing it on Camster right now.


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    Oliver and Jenny continue to build their life together.

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