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The heat allows our muscles to relax and stretch more safely, focuses our minds, and gives us a sense of cleansing similar to a sauna.It also feels great during the cold winter months when it sometimes feels impossible to get warm otherwise!

Owner and Head Instructor Jason Calsyn came to Port Townsend with the intention of offering this community a dedicated yoga studio with a full schedule of classes, morning and evening, 7 days a week.

Dana Immigrated to the PNW from Sweden twenty years ago to Seattle, and ended up in Port Townsend in 2001.

She is a fabulous singer who loves music and the outdoors.

“I can’t say we are completely surprised by this news,” says Chamber of Commerce board president Robert Birman, executive director at Centrum.

“Teresa has been courted by many organizations over the past few years for good reason – she’s a highly-capable leader with great energy and superior interpersonal skills.Partners for the seminar series include: Craft3, Kristin Manwaring Insurance, Bob Podrat Executive Coaching & Consulting, and Full-Circle HR.


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