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There is also a Clan chat available to players, who are part of an in-game clan.

The chat has many uses, such as finding new friends, discussing the game, asking questions, coordinating with teammates, and many more.

To switch between these 2 modes press TAB while the chat window is open.

By selecting a player's name you can send him / her a Private Message which will be visible only to you and to the other player.

Players are free to talk about anything as much as they want, as long as the conversations do not violate chat rules.

The game has a team of specially trained volunteer players called Chat Moderators, who answer players' questions, give advice and make sure the chat is always in order.


The restriction may not necessarily apply to the whole message, but even to a part of it.This is how "Write publicly" and "Write privately" work: The battle chat is accessible during battles.It is activated by pressing Enter, and is visible in the lower left corner of the screen.On the other hand, moderators can also issue warnings and bans of the same time period.

These usually contain a customized statement or a personal signature with a hyperlink to the Rules page.How can I add players to my blocklist or remove them from it?


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