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But it was Riddick — a former New York City police officer — and Mc Quiller who told authorities about how Yadav recruited potential accomplices through S&M chat rooms, and allowed them into his ring after videotaping group sex.“They both confirmed that was the criteria for getting in,” Russell said.Grittner never went through the sexual initiation because Mc Quiller vouched for him, Russell said.“These guys were the three main players that we could identify, but we know that Vikas traveled all over the county to meet people that he met in S&M chat rooms,” Russell said. Mc Quiller and Grittner each pleaded guilty to conspiracy to defraud, and Royal sentenced them to 30 months and 10 months in prison, respectively.He went to work at a Lexington Road liquor store, where he began stealing customers’ credit card information, authorities said.He secretly installed in the cash register a keylogger, a legal device about the size of an AA battery, that recorded credit card numbers and PINs.C., and Dwight Riddick of Duluth — used rental trucks to haul flat-screen TVs they bought at stores, then brought them back to Yadav’s home to warehouse the merchandise, authorities said.“He had dealers lined up who placed orders for specific items, like 50 to 60 flatscreen TVs of a certain size and brand,” Russell said.“It’s not like he sent people randomly to go to the store.Police stopped Yadav’s van and found cloned credit cards, cloning equipment and merchandise bought with stolen credit card numbers. citizen who was in a “sham” marriage so Yadav could get a green card, Russell said.


Police in New Albany, Miss., arrested Yadav in August 2008, near a Walmart where a store employee alerted police that Yadav had made a “suspicious transaction,” according to a federal warrant.

They seized the TVs and also let Riddick go after questioning that continued the investigation, which soon identified Grittner as a major player in the scheme, authorities said.


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