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He was a music business lawyer who had represented the Fab Four’s record label, Apple.At his urging, Paul agreed to write and perform the theme song, which turned out to be an absolute belter. He turned to music producer George Martin and said: ‘So, who are we gonna get to sing it?This scene featured my favourite Bond gadget of all, the magnetic watch, which I used to unzip Maddy’s dress.


A little later my phone rang, with a message for me from Broccoli’s co-producer, Harry Saltzman: ‘Cubby thinks you need to lose a little weight.’Well, I’d been filming the TV series The Persuaders with Tony Curtis, whose love of the good life had rubbed off on me. The phone rang again: ‘Cubby thinks you’re a little out of shape.’So I started a tough fitness regimen. directly into a wooden boathouse‘Why didn’t you just cast a thin, fit, bald fellow in the first place and avoid putting me through this hell? Filming on Live And Let Die began that October in New York before moving to New Orleans, where I was to suffer my first — but by no means last — injury as Bond, in the big jet-boat chase. On impact, I flew out of the boat and into a wall, cracking my front teeth and twisting my knee badly.

’George pointed out, as politely as he could, that they already had Macca and they weren’t going to find anyone bigger. ’‘I don’t have a number, my house has a name.’He was really beginning to annoy me, delirious or not.‘OK, then,’ he added smartly, ‘how does the mailman find you without a number? ’ I shouted, in the hope of silencing him once and for all.‘Oh. ’ he said sheepishly, sliding sideways out of my room, never to be seen again.

That evening they discharged me and I went back to my hotel with my various painkillers and other medications.

I believe Maddy dispensed with the services of special effects men in subsequent romantic interludes. It was when I was on the way to the premiere press conference that I felt my first nerves.


It finally dawned on me that my first James Bond adventure was going to be put to the ultimate test: the viewing public. I imagine it’s like having a baby — there’s nothing you can do to stop it, the baby is going to come out no matter what.‘Ah, well,’ I thought. Keen to capitalise on our success, Cubby and Harry fast-tracked the next Bond film, The Man With The Golden Gun, into pre-production.

One night he tried it on with Maud, who played the villainous Scaramanga’s mistress.



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