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As humankind embraces its undeniable connection to the source of its existence, it will find again that sacred reverence for life itself that poets, prophets and sages have reminded us of for so long.

As we realise what a powerful force upon the world we are and that we each have the decision and responsibility to do good or ill by that which we share with all else on the planet, it will once again become inconceivable to destroy, even in the slightest, the very thing that granted us life in the first place.

The New World Order: Conversation Taken From The Ringing Cedars r Evolution Website See: Lots of reference material to Anastasia, Vladimir Megre and The Ringing Cedars books occur in this discussion. I'm not just someone that's got carried away with silly internet conspiracies, millions all over the world are now awake to this and its growing everyday.

To learn more about these fantastic, brilliant books please go here: The Ringing Cedars By Vladimir Megre: Last Updated 19th May 2009 12.27am The New World Order Posted by Kev Carsick on at am Have you lot heard of this term? Its basically a plan by those in power to depopulate the earth by at least 80% and gain complete control over the future. A lot of you reading this MUST all ready know of this, its hard to miss among our side of society, so many are crying out to get the people to listen.

But I give it none of my energy - and very purposefully too...

And the effect compounds over generations in the DNA of each successive generations.When all the hearts have joined again as one - the light of humanity is brighter than the sun and no darkness such as this can exist on this planet. Keep Reading the Books and take care of YOUR-SELF and mind what you ingest into your mind and body- and then read all the books again, and again - it moves deeper within your psyche and then when your thinking has truly changed the physical universe must reflect your thoughts - as it always does in Perfection. AMEN and A'ho, Mitakyue Oyasin Kali -------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Reply by Mike Delcavo Kali, I like what you have to say about much of what you have to say about the new world order. They have been able to keep themselves a secret for a long time and they still exist. - Mike -------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Reply by Kali Neilson Thanks Mike - I hear you ..So I agree that light can drive away darkness but what about we darkness is infiltrating and you dont know about it? It seems to me we need to recognize what is, not just ignore it! I'll re-emphasize the point of Awareness versus ignorance: when I/we/us consciously declare: " I am aware of you (dark energy/NWO/etc) but I will give you none of my divine precious energy or my moments, or my children, or my body, in ANY way." its a conscious boycott.Namaste (East India, In'Lakesh Ala K'in (Mayan), Mitakye Oyasin (Lakota) - all meaning We are ONE, the Spirit of you honours the Spirit of Me, We are all related ... We are able to create with our thought and even more with our WORD.

We ignite the flame in clouded hearts who still give their energy to these illusions. We must return ALL of our energy to creation and then let NATURE take its course.. If we connect to our word and even our letters we can create reality. But people havent been paying attention to the people in power and they have been existing anyway.JEsus said something like "I cannot give of what I do not carry." this is where the energy of love comes in and we take responsibility for helping ALL our kin...



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    Still, dating varies considerably by nation, custom, religious upbringing, technology, and social class, and important exceptions with regards to individual freedoms remain as many countries today still practice arranged marriages, request dowries, and forbid same-sex pairings.

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