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its your choice, but if they cant accept your "flaws" (if they view it like that), then you have to consider if you really think their friends.

Not many of my friends would be ok with that Idea.. Also, there aren't many les/bi girls where I live.. this will be tough to answer because only you know yourself best. as for your current friends, maybe you should tell them.

If you can’t be bothered to play email tag all day long, why not take yourself down to one of the group meet ups?

These meet ups are posted under the "events" section of the website and offer an easy way to meet hundreds of men and women in the flesh at the same time.


Yet, whenever I have a boyfriend, and get over the whole puppy love phase, It usually turns out I don't like him after all. Now my mind seems to have only thoughts of being with another girl. why do I have these feelings even when i'm with a guy? as for people not being able to accept, right now you may not be able to find any, but there are probably sites (just make sure you follow the standards rules about safety w/ chat rooms) where you can meet people like you.

Meet ups are the best way to circumvent dodgy profile pictures and crazy personalities, and they are generally packed chock full of bisexuals looking for pleasure. 2.



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