Error when updating password

These counters can be access through the Windows Performance Monitor tool. You may find that response through the gateway is slow.

This could be for Direct Query queries or when refreshing your imported dataset.

This may show errors and other related information.

When using the gateway for scheduled refresh, Refresh History can help you see what errors have occurred, as well as provide useful data if you should need to create a support request.


Please visit the User Accounts page to learn more about these users and passwords.Your application will certainly also need to display any errors or successful responses to the user.Responses elicited from an Update Password request will always return either one or more error messages or a response.These can be helpful to understanding if we have a large load of activity and may need to make a new gateway.


These counters will not reflect how long something takes.

It is not recommended to leave this setting enabled long term. Enterprise Gateway Information: 0 : 2016-09-15T.2664967Z DM.


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