Engineering dating jokes

Being a software engineer, that's soft of a given. There's about a 50/50 split between gamers and non-gamers, but I'm guessing that's higher than in most other professions.Angela – Sustainability Industry – Vancouver The main difference between scientists and engineers that I’ve found is that scientists will say “Hm, that’s weird.You can't get away from it, so you might as well enjoy it.At my university, Calculus 3 seemed to be the dividing line between those of us who made it as engineers and those of us who didn't.If you are sane and passed their tests, the job is likely yours.Johan: Software, Domotics Industry, Netherlands Most engineers that I know are a curious sort.When an engineer sees a problem, the first instinct is to think of a solution for it.

Dan - Diesel Engine Manufacturing - Illinois, USA Though there as many personality variations as there are engineering majors (it seems like EE's I know get no sleep), I think there are some personality traits which seem to be common across engineers: We like math and science.

It is the only really key element to getting into this field and it comes from many backgrounds.

You are just as likely to meet a "refined" hipster type in the office as you would a fratboy bro who secretly studied really hard.

As long as you can handle the work and enjoy it, there really isn't anything else you need personality wise to excel in this field.

Engineering and the Sciences are unique because personality means a lot less than for those with humanities degrees.It seems a great trait to have to be able to spatially visualize anything (espicially parts).


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