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SMARTY PANTS The unoriginal Oreo, humans get HIV from monkeys, and more (w© Ask Mr. 63 NEWS OF THE WEIRD The gay rodeo, smart toilets, key chains containing live goldfish, and more CALENDAR 47 48 50 70 ARTS Theatre: The Red Balloon, Seussical the Musical Classical: Blue Rhapsody 76 FILM The Dark Knight, Mamma Miai, Brick Lane, Savage Grace, Encounters at the End of the World, Meet Dave 78 SHOWTIMES 84 SPECIAL SCREENINGS Gimme Shelter; California Split; The Way We Were; The Landlord; Shampoo; Best of Austin 2008 48-Hour Film Project; OSS 117: Cairo, Nest of Spies; Monte Heilman Live; Hard Road Home; War Games; Look Back in Anger; Rain Man MUSIC 87 RECOMMENDED Harvey Milk, not soured on Sean Penn; the Warlocks, Paul Wall, Lil Bossie, Team Gina, Betty Soo, Todd Rundgren, Horsies, Silos, and much more 90 VENUES 92 ROADSHOWS & CLUB LISTINGS BACK 110 COMICS How to Be Happy, Troubletown, Eyebeam, and more MR.In each printed issue, we include as many letters as space allows.Letters attacking the Chronicle, an article, or a writer are almost always pub- lished in the issue, as well as posted online. music BROTHERS AND SISTERS sports ANARCHY IN THE RING AC WAND THE TEXAS WRESTLING TRADITION The Live Music Task Force Tunes Up to Protect the City's Claim to Fame BY KATHERINE GREGOR • P.26 SEE nus Tinc HRonic FOR BREAKING NEWS, DAILY LISTINGS, PERRY MOUTHPIECE BAILS, REBELLIOUS 'RENT' HAS LEGS, A WAXAHACHIE BUZZ KILL, AND MORE MILD RANTS AGAINST THE MACHINE contents VOL. 46 JULY 18, 2008 COVER PHOTOGRAPHY BY TRACI GOUDIE 4 8 PAGE TWO Critical Grasp POSTMARKS Don’t be so quick to dismiss Ypsilanti, Stephen Moser needs to learn correct head shop lingo, and more. 1 arts D'ETTE COLE'S PHOTOGRAPHIC DREAMS screens SHALL WE PLAY A GAME?Almost every letter the Chronicle receives is posted online.The very few that aren’t most often are clearly libelous.



Almost anything to do with animals usually gets a storm of responses. ; and More POINT AUSTIN The Perps Walk 14 BESIDE THE POINT Musing on Mc Cracken as Mayor ... The Live Music Task Force tunes up to protect Austin’s claim to fame BY KATHERINE GREGOR 32 LETTERS @ 3AM a Gallon Redux SPORTS 34 INDUSTRIOUS ANARCHY The ACW is striving to keep the wrestling tradition alive in Austin BY RICHARD WHITTAKER ARTS 39 Allison Orr Takes a Spin Around the Rink; Summer Stock Austin Climbs the Beanstalk; and the World Taps Its Way to Austin 40 IN DREAMS Camera in hand, D’Ette Cole makes images that bridge the gap between night and day BY NIKKI MOORE 42 BOOKS Two Wars: One Hero’s Fight on Two Fronts - Abroad and Within by Nate Self; and The Political Mind: Why You Can’t Understand 21st-Century American Politics With an 18th-Century Brain by George Lakoff 44 AFTER A FASHION Stephen goes on a desperately needed staycation FOOD Rio’s Brazilian Sauces and Pastries; In Memoriam: Denise Salles Kirschenlohr; Event Menu: July 18-24; and Food-o-File BEYOND THE SPRITZER Cooling off with summer wines BY WES MARSHALL RESTAURANT ROULETTE A spin around our restaurant guide SCREENS 53 War Games turns 25; Fantastic Fest 2008 Lineup; DVD Watch: Batman: Gotham Knight; and Film News 54 TV EYE Not So Secret and Not So Special MUSIC 57 OFF THE RECORD Putting a price tag on the new exclusivity of rock & roll, Daniel Johnston gets a little help from his friends, the greatest rapper alive, and much more 58 BROTHERS AND SISTERS And mamas and papas, too BY DOUG FREEMAN 50 DIZZEE RASCAL Q&A with the UK’s Dirtee Stank grimester BY CHASE HOFFBERGER 62 PHASES & STAGES Beck lays a guilt trip, plus ‘Jazz Sides,’ ‘DVDnds,’ and new discs from Three 6 Mafia, Melvins, Coldplay, etc.



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