Domlogs not updating

In this article we are going to solve this problem like including document permission, change in settings and more there are variety of reasons behind the hassle. In this file we have to make some changes to solve this problem.

c Panel Log Daemon version 26.0 —— [2016-04-17 -0400] Reading history file… webalizer.current [2016-04-17 -0400] Saving current run data…

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Hello, I have a cpanel server in which the /usr partition is 95% full.

Webalizer is a complex statistical analysis program capable of producing charts and graphs about who is visiting your website included in the c Panel hosting account.


Webalizer displays a series of bar graphs, with a key below the graphs Some time the webalizer is not updated automatically, at that time you need to update the webalizer manually by using following command.The factors that are to be analyzed are range of visits, pages, hits, and bandwidth and so on.


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