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So when I saw that 400 I quit drinking cokes and other sugary drinks, that's about all I did really, started drinking more water, and over the course of a few months I went from 410 to about 380, then I started eating better, more veggies, less breads and crap (ok not a LOT less but I tried).

I stopped at 360 and I fluctuated around the 360/370 mark for months on end.


This diet is meant for people that are obese (BMI of 30 ) and need to lose 40lbs * This is a VERY drastic diet * It is a complete life change, not a quick fix * It takes a minimum of 2 months to SLOWLY wean yourself off the diet and slowly add calories * It is recommended that you see a doctor prior to the diet and continue with checkups during the diet periodically * This diet is meant to put you in ketosis * You must drink LOTS of water on this diet. It will help with possible constipation, headaches, stomach aches, dry skin, dry mouth.

So I'm down almost 100 pounds from my heaviest, I feel good about that, though the sad fact is, 100 pounds later, I'm still a major fatty with a GOOD 100 pounds LEFT to lose to be "normal".


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