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The Grand Trunk Project, organised by the Department for Communities and Local Government, aims to bring people of all faiths from South Asia together and help others learn more about the history of Indian Partition.Events include a panel discussion focused on the importance of raising awareness of the history of the Partition.No fewer than 82 per cent of men and 73 per cent of women are still firmly of the opinion that a man should always pay for the first date. Or was all that - like the entire ninth series of Dallas - just a dream?

If a man doesn't want to pay he doesn't deserve a date and if a woman has a problem being paid for I'd put her on the first bus back to Scunthorpe or Stockwell or wherever she came from. There was a time in the mad days of early feminism when a man offering to help carry anything however heavy or open a door for a woman was likely to attract a kick in the groin. A man paying the bill on the first date is not (a) a suggestion that introducing votes for woman was a century premature (b) a refusal to accept women should get equal pay for equal work or (c) a demand for repayment in kind back at your place.

Not only that but she may well be the one inviting them on a date.

For heaven's sake I was doing it 20 years ago when I was last single and I don't imagine the practice has dwindled during the age of the ladette.

The anniversary date of August 14 was marked with a dinner for 400 invited guests at The Bradford Hotel, in the city centre, with dignitaries across many different cultures enjoying the social gathering.

The evening had been organised by the Pakistan Society of West Yorkshire The society’s general secretary Naveeda Ikram said the dinner had been a great chance for different ages and cultures to get together.Now that's really romantic and chivalrous, isn't it?



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    The opt-in feature called “Missed Connections” takes advantage of location-based services on the users’ phones, but is designed in a way to ensure user privacy, Match says.

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    When feeling out a new relationship, certain signs seek stability (Cancer, Libra), while others are all about fiery passion (Leo, Scorpio).

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    She's a face you might recognise from Peaky Blinders, medieval TV drama World's End, lurking in the background behind Tom Cruise and Emily Blunt in the rather silly sci-fi thriller Edge of Tomorrow or making a splash in the 2009 TV version of Wuthering Heights in which she starred opposite said Mr Hardy (in case you were wondering how they met). She is one of the lead roles in the BBC's much-trailed, already much-lauded new fantasy drama Jonathan Strange and Mr Norrell, in which she plays Arabella, married to the titular Jonathan Strange (Bertie Carvel to you and me; Eddie Marson plays Mr Norrell). There's also a big-screen thriller opposite our very own Gerard Butler (London Has Fallen) and Ron Howard's latest film In the Heart of the Sea. In fact Riley has travelled down to London from Liverpool today just to meet me. She's up in Liverpool filming Stephen Poliakoff's latest drama Close to the Enemy, set in the post-war years. Each contains a word, I explain, and you have to tell me the first thing that comes into your head when you read the word.

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    When Holm beat Rousey, Rousey was the women's bantamweight champion at the time.

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