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Unfortunately, these same convictions often make breakups an uncomfortable conversation — at best embarrassing and at worst scandalous or humiliating.

You feel like damaged goods, like you’ve been ruined in God’s eyes or in the eyes of others.

You realize that you do not want a jealous man in hour life because it shows insecurity on his part.

*** Game: Fabricating an excuse to call him, or wanting him to see that you called so he will call back Boundary: If he calls, he calls. You do not need an excuse to make contact with him.


Both the person who initiates the game and the person who participates in it are weakened. A healthy limitation makes it very clear to the other person what is and it not an acceptable behavior when someone is courting you. Here are some common examples so you can be clear about what is and is not a healthy approach to a relationship: Game: He calls you after a week or two, and you purposefully do not answer the phone because you are angry he has not called sooner; or after blocking you on the instant messenger for weeks or months, he suddenly unblocks you and appears “available” on your list because he want to talk to you and you ignore him.

If you respond to his games by playing games, a vicious circle is created.


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