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My class often went to Spanish bars or films together so there is plenty of time for mingling. I know men don't like that environment, but women hit the shops by themselves as a form of relaxation or when they're feeling a bit bored or lonely.

ALL sorts of suggestions which pretty much did not raise any positive comment or interest from you - I could be wrong but that was the impression - now Sam suggests a surf club and it's oh what a good idea! Of course there is no doubt that would be a great bonus ifyou are lonely and looking - but if for instance you go to dancing classes to "meet someone" primarily, rather than "have fun, get fit, learn a new skill" you are setting yourself up for being obvious, needy, overly keen - and maybe a bit boring and ultimately disappointed.

I live in London now and we have a surfboat here and train on the Thames and compete in the Cornish surf life saving events it's that good... Or if you're into cooking take a cooking class, or pottery if you like pottery, or knitting if you like old people... Sounds like great advice on the surface but unless you've got the body of a godess parading around in your swimsuit is not going to do you any favours with a bunch of lithe young men.


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