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Pine, original blue painted finish (oxydized gray), marked "AH 1824" on bottom, (Abijah Hersey, Jr., 1769-1841 - cooper at 99 Fort Hill St., Hingham), bottom wrap is an old replacement, (JPR collection). work box, dome top, poplar and pine, with original red/brown painted finish, small ring pull on top, lock escutcheon is covered over with early leather, small hinged lid compartment inside lid, bent tin "L" shaped holders for pen or brush inside back, filled with two 19th c. Richardson, Old Fort House, Hingham, Mass.; Note: a rare chance to acquire Isaac Sprague's paint box and a small pantry box initialed by Isaac Sprague and Cotton Hersey of Hingham; (JPR collection). round storage box, cylindrical shape with small iron tacks, two fingers on bottom and one opposing finger on top, pine and ash, original red painted finish, stamped on top "WOL" (William Otis Lincoln), and also on the bottom with "EL", signed under the lid in pencil "Solomon Lincoln, William O. Randall Lincoln 1909, Hingham", 4 1/4" h, 4 1/2" dia at bottom, (JPR collection). Three Grueby ceramic art pottery vases, all in varying shades of matt green glaze, all with ribbed leaves and flower buds: Tall neck vase shows a chip on rim, circular stamp on bottom "Grueby Faience Co. Two Grueby ceramic art pottery low profile bowls, both in light cucumber green matt with a cream white underglaze, coil technique with decorative raised coils in the bottom of the bowls, both impressed with circular "Grueby Pottery, Boston, U. A.", both very good condition, with very small portion of glazed foot on large bowl missing (approximately 1"), 2 1/2" h, 8" dia and 3" h, 9 1/2" dia. Grueby ceramic art pottery vase, tall slope shouldered vase with light mottled blue matt glaze, brown interior glaze, impressed circular mark "Grueby Pottery, Boston, U. A.", "3932", (1 1/2" glaze missing on bottom edge, otherwise very good condition), 9 1/2" h. hand-colored prints: South-eastern view of Kingston (Mass.), c. Two framed oil paintings on academy board, both signed l.l."Eagle" brand paper boxes for "Artist leads", dated 1879; a leather covered eyeglass case, 3" l, with original steel framed eyeglasses with green tint and hinged side glass, marked "Peters, Phild"; a small tin rectangular jar with corked top; an oval-shaped brass tubular case, possibly used to hold pens, marked "JJK" on top; and a small round wood box with lid, marked "IS" on top and on bottom, and stamped "CH" on the bottom as well, copper tacks and wooden peg construction, 2 1/2" dia on bottom, inside with a yellow cake of chalk or watercolor substance; along with two French paper covered pencil cases, A. Faber, London, New York and Paris, (smaller box holds five original pencils); all "Acquired from Priscilla Sprague in 1969, and belonged to Isaac Sprague, and may have been carried with him on his Western Trip with J. Small wood firkin, pine, in original dark brown stained finish, small repair at rim, 4" h, 3 1/2" dia; Turned wood lidded barrel-shaped container, with wire swing handle, in original blue painted finish, 3 1/4" h, 2 1/2" dia top. Two Grueby ceramic art pottery vases, both in a tanned brown matt glaze, smaller slope shouldered vase has a mottled orange peel finish, with a circular impressed mark "Grueby Pottery, Boston, U. A." and a lotus flower, 6" h; the taller vase has a dry desert/earth finish, very small nick at base, circular impressed mark "Grueby Pottery, Boston, U. Tall Grueby ceramic art pottery urn/vase, heavy matt green glaze on dark red clay covering the sloped shoulder halfway down continuing in bold drips to the base, impressed in a circle on the bottom "Grueby Pottery, Boston, U. A.", with interior lotus flower, 14" h, 10" dia (at shoulder). 1840; East view of the central part of Plymouth; and South-western view of the Hon. "Margaret Atwood": flower covered dunes, "September", Margaret Atwood, Bay Road, Duxbury, 14" x 18"; and "September Marshes', Margaret Atwood, Bay Road, Duxbury, 1952, 14" x 18"; (Note: Margaret Atwood was the daughter of Eugene R. Two unframed oil paintings on academy board, both signed l.r.Three early stoneware pieces: Large (15 1/2" h) "Charlestown" ovoid crock, offset handles and three incised hearts, crack at top; Ovoid 1-gal. Spaulding from the Cheshire County Store, Keene, N. Monday 21st April 1919"; Beston, Henry, The Tree That Ran Away, illustrated by Fritz Eichenberg, The Mac Millan Company, New York, 1941, hard-cover, signed on flyleaf "For Misti with love from Catherine Beston & her daddy"; Coatsworth, Elizabeth, Especially Maine, The natural world of Henry Beston..., The Stephen Greene Press, Brattleboro, Vermont, 1970, with dust cover; Mc Cann, E. Henley Publishing Co., New York, 1927, hard-cover, "The Fo'Castle H Beston"; Richards, J. Two colored prints of Harvard University: "Harvard Yard in Snow" by Chiang Yee, 1968, lithograph by Meriden Gravure Co., framed, matted and glazed, 8 3/4" x 24" (sight); Large framed print of "Harvard, 1636-1986", 350th year, 22 1/2" x 35". "model" ladderback rocking chair, maple and tiger maple, woven oak splint seat, Hingham, Mass. child's stand-up chair, pine, original red stained finish, deep tray front, slatted sides, forged nail construction, from the Randall Lincoln Estate, Hingham, "Revere" stenciled on bottom with history dating back to Mary Revere Lincoln, daughter of Paul Revere, (Note: rare form with Hingham/Revere history), 19 1/2" h, 18 1/2" l, (JPR collection). yarn winder, maple and pine, in original red painted finish, mortised and pegged, original bentwood handle, treadle style, 27" h, 29" l, acquired from S.



Havell, 1837", framed and matted, 37 1/2" x 25" (sight), 50" x 34" (framed), (Note: This is a later printing of the elephant folio from the collection of James Baird, former Director of Massachusetts Audubon Society). C., 1822" (Essex, MA) in black, 13" h, 9" dia, 21" h (at handle). New England Sheraton dressing table, mahogany, pine secondary wood, carved backsplash, four drawers, turned brasses, (one rosette missing on backsplash), carved and turned legs, 39 1/2" h, 36" w, 18" d. Chinese Export Mandarin fan, folding paper and ivory, finely decorated with colorful Chinese figures, green gardens and pavilions in a blue sky and water background, pierced ivory wands with outer wands, deeply carved, intricately woven tassels, set in a deep glazed frame. redware crocks: Unglazed exterior, stamped "J & J Mc Safford, Manufacturers", green interior glaze, rim chip, incised ridge around upper quarter, 10 1/2" h; Green and orange glazed ovoid crock, good overall condition, 10" h. Sheet music for "The Star Spangled Banner", by Francis Scott Key, arranged by Francis H. 1913", with three photos of beach of the Outermost House, and negatives and a glass plate (8" x 4 3/4") of a shipwreck; Lufkin measure in a yellow case, "Henry Beston kept it in a drawer at the Outermost House..."; small brass cased compass; paper calendar, "Wm. Richardson 1956., 8 1/2" h (rod), 6" dia (wood post); (JPR collection).


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