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These events continued to grow in size and popularity.Now these are known as H-YPE events and take place throughout the UK.H-YPE is a UK based herpes dating site set among a real sense of community and support.The name H-YPE is an acronym for H-Your Positive Experience. First of all there is Herpes Simplex Virus (HSV) and secondly but not less importantly, there is Human Papillomavirus (HPV).

We’ll make sure to introduce you to other friendly people and make you feel at home.

Let’s all work together to make this a fun and interesting board. From their Website: A group for people of color.

John the Martyr, basement, 250 East 72nd Street (between Second and Third Avenues)in Manhattan.

We meet on the second and third Fridays of the month. From their Website: Diagnosed/living with oral or Genital Herpes or HPV? We invite you to join Buffalo Herpes Friends for friendship and support. Many of us are from Western NY and surrounding areas.


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