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SYNONYMS OR RELATED TERMS: Battle-Axe culture; Single-Grave culture; Single Grave culture; Battle Ax culture, Corded Ware culture CATEGORY: culture DEFINITION: A number of Late Neolithic cultural groups in Europe that appeared between 2800-2300 , the people were also known for their use of horses.

Their place of origin is not certain, but it was most likely east rather than west of their area of spread.

The glazed wares were widely traded in Western Europe from the late 11th century to the 14th century.

SYNONYMS OR RELATED TERMS: Marne ware CATEGORY: artifact DEFINITION: Pottery type of the 4th century AD, usually with a red color-coat.

Ancient Baden was occupied by Celts and then by Germanic peoples and was conquered by Rome in the 1st century AD. They produced metal tools including -hammers and torcs of twisted copper wire.

The pottery was plain and dark, but some have channeled decoration and handles of Ansa Lunata type.

The quality of the pottery was high, considering its mass production.


Examples having come from Belgic tombs in pre-Roman Britain and from the port of Arikamedu in southern India.The figures and ornamentation were drawn on the natural clay surface of a vase in glossy black pigment; the finishing details were incised into the black.The first significant use of the black-figure technique was on the Proto- Corinthian style pottery developed in Corinth in the first half of the 7th century CATEGORY: artifact DEFINITION: The Bouffioulx region has been producing ceramics for almost 500 years.CATEGORY: ceramics DEFINITION: A medieval glazed ware made around Andenne on the River Meuse.


The potters produced ordinary unglazed wares as well as finer pitchers and bowls.

The style changes and the potter's marks stamped on the vessels made these wares a valuable means of dating the other archaeological material found with them..


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    The last vestige of Oude Dorp is the name of the present-day neighborhood of Old Town adjacent to Old Town Road.

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