Dating sites in bacolod

You can also try the Bar 21 located along Lacson Street. Quan Delicacies is famous for their native delicacies such as cuchinta, puto, cassava pudding, Sapin-Sapin,etc. Another favorite place to go if we talk about sweets is Calea.

They also have cakes and pastries and of course the famous Napoleones. Located along Lacson Street, just in front of L Fisher Hotel. Across the street is the Cs Cafe, not as busy and big as Calea, but the place is nice to stay for coffee after dinner.

Interactive activities like “painting your mask” is also available when visiting the place.

Jojo Vito Designs Gallery located at 119 Alunan Avenue, Bacolod City (Landmark is Metrodome). Click for more about Jojo Vito Designs Gallery Punta Taytay Another attraction within the City is the Punta Taytay.

In the gallery are some of the masks used by Masskara Queens as is the official mask maker of the Masskara Queen.

Minoyan, Murcia , Negros Occidental, Philippines, Telefax: 63 (34) 710-0801, Mambukal Resort Office: Office of the Governor, Old Capitol Building, Gatuslao Street, Bacolod City, Phone: 63 (34) 709-0990 Telefax: 63 (34) 433-8516 Jojo Vito Designs Gallery Jojo Vito Designs Gallery-Bacolod is home to the world-renowned Masskara Festival which is held every October.Mambukal is just a 35-minute drive from Bacolod City.Cottages and restaurants are also available in the place.You can try Chicken Haus, Chicken Deli, booth have air condition dining area or the open space of Manokan Country.

For a Happy Tripper like me, side trip is always on my itinerary.Bacolod as a wide array of places to choose from here’s the lists for your guidance: Hotels and Resorts in Bacolod City. In Bacolod ,we have a wide array of restaurants which offers best Sea Food.


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