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So are you sure about Albanians being the worst ethnic group when it comes about crime as emigrants ?

There is a spirit of independence and a love of the country, in the whole people, that, in a grater measure, does away the vast distinction, observable in other parts of Turkey, between the followers of of two religions.

The Çobo family has a long tradition of producing wine, dating back to the early 1900's.

When the communist regime took power in 1945, the Çobo family tradition, along with many other traditions throughout Albania, were forced to stop.

Proportionally they are by far the worst ethnic group considering how few they are.

Many Albanian\Kosovars are also prone to crime due to their Muslim upbringing.

Czech tourists prefer camping and hiking in Albanian mountains and their number has increased continually in the past 10 years.

Albanians have a deep sympathy for Czech tourists as they are always kind and respect the locals.



Albania said “Sorry” one millions of times in the last two days." Lol, fortunately Albanian muslims are far from being like the Maghrebis muslims you find in France.For more information about touring Çobo and the surrounding area, please visit the Touring Çobo page.No way, there's only 300,000 Albanians in Germany which is a nation with 82 million people yet they are always on top 5 of every crime chart in there.Many media and analysts wrote that this murder does not represent the Albanian people and that such situations may happen even in other countries as well.


The mass solidarity shown by Albanians was impressive and this came for two main reasons: Albanians are very hospitable people; they do not kill their friends in their house The great and exemplary hospitality showed by Albanians to foreign tourists that visit the country has been underlined by everyone.The public in Albania was shocked by the murder and thousands of Albanians expressed solidarity with the families of killed Czech couple by sharing their condolences in social networks.


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