Dating remington model 11 shotgun dwyane wade dating gabrielle union still

But the earlier 25s were hard hitters, pushing 400fps.

Considering Remington’s stewardship of other assimilated brands, devotees of Rohrbaugh’s fabulously expensive, finely-crafted pocket pistols were apprehensive. It’s basically the Rohrbaugh R9 – Remington ships the all-metal RM380 with two six-round magazines, one flush and one with a pinky extension. The photo above shows the RM380 spooning with a Rohrbaugh R9. Remington replaced Rohrbaugh’s Eurotrash-style heel-mounted magazine release with a good ol’ traditional ambidextrous button behind the trigger guard, right where it ought to be.

The RM380’s slide stop ensures that once the hammer’s dropped on your last round, you’ll know it – without that awkward ‘click’ on an empty chamber.


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