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MATCH GROUP - Nov 7 - Total Revenue was 3M, a YOY 19% increase.

Direct Revenue grew to 0M, an increase of 21%, driven by 18% growth in Average PMC to 6.6M and a 1% increase in ARPPU.

Did said fine, young gentleman find the spinster he was searching for?

(We'll save you the trip to Google, a spinster is another name for an unmarried woman) Perhaps people in the County know the rest of this tale.

But if you find that to be a struggle, dig into this personals ad from 1865 from Aroostook County, Maine.

Shared on Twitter via, the ad tells the tale of single 18-year-old gentleman searching for a member of the "female persuasion" to spend his life with.

LVTG was designed and developed to fulfill an important and missing need in the transgender community.

To create a safe and personable venue for crossdressers, transsexuals or shemales to meet and find suitable dating partners.

Another important features of LVTGs transgender dating and shemale personals website is our geographical browse capability.

Average PMC at Tinder exceeded 2.5M, adding a record 476,000 PMC during the Q3, driven primarily by product changes and technology improvements.


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    Here, he shares his understanding and knowledge of the art of seducing women with you and getting laid.

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