Dating my former therapist

As a matter of fact, a therapist could lose his/hers license in some areas for engaging sexually with patients.

And rightly so, since a patient is usually in a very vulnerable position in relation to the therapist.

I’m talking to a good friend who lives in another city.

We speak every couple of weeks, and since we’ve known each other for over twenty years, we get to the heart of the most important subjects pretty quickly: she asks how my book sales are doing (could be better, but I just wrote something for Magazine online), whether I’m still smoking (only at parties), and what I made for dinner (we foraged for food, meaning we had olives, guacamole, pita chips, and Laughing Cow; it was not a cooking night). And I want him to think that if he slept with me, he’d be doing something special.



I bet you dress up, put on a little bit of makeup, choose your earrings carefully?

And in one such occasion, she described some event with her husband and I couldn't help but think that this source of wisdom and serenity is just like everyone else when it comes to her own personal life.


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