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I was excited to see a guy like Coach Sirmon come in and make things simpler.

But I meant simpler for our guys to understand not simpler for the opposing offense to score on.

Like I mentioned above the Louisville running back corps has been wiped out due to injury, but for this team to be successful going forward Coach P is going to have to find a way to get another running back not named Jackson in the box score.

I love Reggie and think he can help here but he just isn’t that bruiser who can pound it out for those tough yards in the 4th quarter.

I don’t know if they need to win the game on Saturday afternoon, but this team needs to play well and give themselves a chance to win.

Going in and getting blown out wouldn’t be good and I don’t know if this team would recover from an outing like that.

As a team, the defense has been awful allowing 81 points over two games…

Ranked #78 in passing yards allowed, #63 in Rushing defense, #72 in 3rd down conversion defense and #63 in total defense they just aren’t getting it done.


Heading into the season most expected a playoff run but now we might be lucky to make a Bowl Game.To get more intensity Coach Sirmon was moved from the box to the field during the last game. And there was little to no emotion while it was happening.


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