Dating italian youths

My weekends are never really planned bc i constantly live in the moment and rather things come together as i go.

love me a sexy women with a good attitude im a sucker for sweethearts!

Much of the self-catering is in swanky but sterile complexes, but there are better options: Il Mulino, an old riverside farmhouse near Arzachena, has four very individual apartments sleeping two to four (from £457C, Voyages Ilena), with muralled walls, antiques and bric-à-brac, all designed by the convivial owner; there is some traffic noise.

Costa Smeralda Holidays has a dozen stylish and very comfortable large villas on its books, most owned by Brits.

Woodland and elephantine boulders surround the clutch of pretty coves on the Capriccioli peninsula.

Farther south, Cala Liscia Ruja, a 600yd crescent, is the biggest beach in the area and entirely undeveloped.The main reason is Sardinia's reputation as an expensive destination.


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