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I could make another one to show the date but you would have to convert it to your timezone, or specify a timezone to convert it to(which is confusing if users are the ones using it).After thinking about it I can make do with 2G only. Being able to add/change something and getting the results right away is so nice. I am trying to set up my own vpn with Funnel Web in a WDR4300, and for the moment I would like to use pptp to do so.I normally spend 00 or so every 10 years and make sure i have the latest and i have done all the research on components and what the future company moves will be.This way i can spend 00 on upgrades over the 10 year period and always know that during that time i will have one of the best/most powerful machines available.I have two notebooks but I think they won't be enough on memory or CPU. So I think I have to buy a further PC or a motherboard for the ATX case.

Today, for testing, kernel 3.18 is available in early state. Starting with Kernel 3.17 a lot of things for the different NCM-Things are fixed.As far as Windows goes, my 11-year old PC does everything I need and runs Windows 7.The Open WRT compiler is going to need much more but not brand new technology. pt=AU_Components&hash=item519985e439 But I'd need to add CPU, Memory, Video card. Is that an average set-up for Open WRT build system or closer to minimum ?I still stick with intel cpus rather than AMD but about 12 years ago i liked it the other way around.


But AMD just have not provent their abilities over the last 10 years.

So 00 to go but i will not buy it till mid to late next year.


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