Dating fender champ silverface

I saw the thread about the guy who wanted to date a Vox so I thought I'd come clean. For the hard to reach places and really dirty spots I used a toothbrush. For her knobs I applied just a bit of contact cleaner. She had been off and in standby for quite awhile, so I decided to not to fire her up right away so I could get a better look first.

She was a bit on the old side but very mature and she had lots of mojo. I also noticed that her valves rattled a bit and I was obviously concerned with this.

The chassis was angled in the control section and a black plate with white screened lettering covered the control section.

The cabinet was slightly larger and covered in black Tolex. The grill covering remained white/silver/black sparkle material and topped with a large silver metalic badge that announced this was a Fender amp, with Fender in slanted script.

The electronics produced four watts of sound into a Jensen 6” Special Design speaker.

It is interesting to note on the new version of the Champion 600, the rectifier is solid state, the power tube is a 6V6 and the preamp is a 12AX7.


This may be the most collectible amp in the Champ line.

In 1956, Fender changed the look of its amplifier line. The most striking was the control panel now mounted on top of the amp was chrome plated instead of painted brown. The controls were similar to the other models; just a single volume/on-off knob, a pilot light, a 2-amp fuse and two inputs.


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