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I think it’s a good move for them to have App Engine: they won’t need to hire that many people anymore, or buy small garage-guys because now developers will be able to develop over the Google OS for free for Google :) One last thing: Google also thinks inside a box (the browser). (too constrained) It’s no surprise that they push to extend what the browser can do. From: “shuba Date: Wed, -0500 Local: Wed, May 28 2008 pm Subject: Re: So… Also, the whole exit process could be bettered and ironed out. From: Shelby Date: Thu, -0700 (PDT) Local: Thurs, May 29 2008 am Subject: Re: So… “And let me say this: if Larry Page is still reviewing resumes, shareholders should organize a rebellion. 2004 when I was interviewing for a sales position in the Seattle office was the typical 13 interviews, including a day trip to MV where I was told that someone would take me to lunch and instead she took me in a conf. So I ended up not eating at all that day until I returned to the airport at 4pm.I understand when Eric Schmidt says, one doesn’t work for Google for the money alone. But, yes, bringing the perks on par with other bigwigs will bring down the attrition level to some extent, thou we all do understand that attrition is not a big problem for Google right now. That is a scandalous waste of time for someone at that level, and the fact that it’s “quirky” is no mitigation. However, I passed my interviews with flying colors and was surprised 3 weeks later when I still hadn’t heard from my recruiter about the results of the hiring committee meeting.I should jump on this opportunity.” I don’t bear any ill will — I think Google is an amazing company, is doing some revolutionary things, and is full of smart people. I have been sitting back, surprised at the level of negativity expressed by those on this thread, and wanted to share my very different experience.And I bought shares in 2004, so I hope they continue to be very successful. Lisa From: Pam Date: Fri, -0700 (PDT) Local: Fri, May 30 2008 pm Subject: Re: So… Sure, Google isn’t perfect, its management isn’t perfect, the HR department isn’t perfect, etc, but by and large they do things better/smarter/friendlier than the vast majority of companies out there.Google is supposed to be some kind of Nirvana, so if you can’t be happy there how will you ever be happy? Actually, I hit the Send button on this before I intended to. I was, like you, offered a considerable pay cut to go to work at Google. Schmidt, in the presence of witnesses, promised to bring the benefits to a par. Sigh.) -Ben From: Ted Date: Wed, -0700 (PDT) Local: Wed, May 28 2008 pm Subject: Re: So… I flubbed my first coding pretty bad but after that it was clear that no-one on my interview loop had enough experience or knowledge to level me.It’s supposed to be the ultimate font of technical resources, so if you can’t be productive there how will you ever be productive? From: Stephen Date: Wed, -0700 (PDT) Local: Wed, May 28 2008 pm Subject: Re: So… He consulted HR, and HR informed him that it’d cost Google 22 million a year to do that. In some ways it seemed like Google was getting increasingly pennywise/poundfoolish, and that just seemed like a dubious situation. On the other hand they figured that out and scheduled a follow on interview with the head of the Kirkland office who asked reasonable and pertinent questions.What was strange with me at Google was: while outside, I had all these big ideas I could do if I ever worked there. I totally second the statement that Google’s Hiring process is slack.

A job I had started 4 months prior because it was a great opportunity to move into their management group but then the airlines started downsizing management and so I applied for the Google Travel Sales role instead.So he abandoned the promise and fell back on his tired, familiar standby (“People don’t work at Google for the money. Even if it’s ten thousand, that’s still well under 1%. (Although, to Google’s credit, they opened up a new cafe that solved many of my food-related issues . Unlike the previous posters, I was happy with my salary and (for some reason I can’t articulate) I kept my own private medical insurance… As soon as I got inside, I had the feeling of being swallowed by a giant borg :) Really, I felt like I didn’t exist, watching people buzzing around with laptops.


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