Dating and marriage practices in morocco Free sa sex sites


The Qur’an prohibits sexual contact of any kind between an unmarried man and women.

Throughout the wedding ceremony it is customary for the bride to change her attire as many as seven times, the last outfit being a beautiful white wedding dress (Hey Morocco, 2013).

Despite the value and sanctity placed on marriage, divorce is an understood necessity for certain situations such as the violation of a marriage contract.

The role of the wife after marriage is no different than that of her duties before marriage, though many Moroccan women find happiness in caring for the needs of her household and family. According to Srinivasan and Lee (2004), a dowry “may also have been a way of compensating the groom and his family for the economic support they would provide to the new wife, because women had little or no role in the market economy and would be dependent upon their husbands and in-laws” (p. Dowries are still quite common despite significant changes in Indian life that have brought more women into the workforce.

Sexual enjoyment is a large function of marriage for Muslims, though strict guidelines are laid out for intimacy for which the couple are expected to follow (Rizvi, 2013).


Husbands are free to take up to four wives unless otherwise stated by his spouse in their marriage contract (Bakry, 1989).

Additionally, families are motivated to provide generous dowries for their Indian daughters to ensure her safety and the respect of her future in-laws (Srinivasan & Lee, 2004).


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