Dating after a vastectomy


I don't, however, need any more surprises in my life and so, after my husband got his vasectomy, I made darn sure he gave his post-vasectomy, safe-date, seal-of-approval, sperm sample. Every one of my children has made my life richer and more abundant than I could ever have dreamed.

Sterilization is about as good as it gets when it comes to contraception—better than 99% effective. The rest were surprises, gifts, "birthday" presents. It got to the point where his doctor actually called and told me to knock it off. Tony, however, hasn't proven himself yet and Andrea's got good reason to worry when she feels "that way." Odds are in her favor that she just ate some bad chicken but when the stakes are high, and for a lot of women, an unexpected pregnancy is tantamount to chaos—a veritable bomb dropping on their life—this is no time to mess around. My mother, who had eight children and I'm fairly certain most of us were surprises, once told me, "nothing bad ever happens to you from allowing a child into your life." In theory, I love that idea and for me, fortunately, that's true.

Man A: Slightly nervous, but it's also one of those things where, if the "why" is great enough, the "how" and "what" get really easy. You start thinking yourself into feeling tenderness or pain or lumps or whatever.

But I'm very much a mind-over-matter kind of person and it's worked out.

Man B: I had it done on a Thursday and went back to work on Monday.I could have gone back Friday but had already planned to take the day off.Plus, I did it on the Thursday when the March Madness college basketball tourney started so I lay in bed and watched basketball.She was in and out of hospital being put onto a drip because she was severely dehydrated (as well as underfed). Subsequently, the idea that she would ever put him through (potentially) seven months of completely restricted access to her was just out of the question. She hated using birth control because it screwed with her cycle and hormones. We had our perfect child and decided that he was well and truly good enough for us.

Eventually, she was put on Zofran, which is supposed to help chemo patients. It took a lot of the pleasure out of sex because there was always this burden hanging over us of, "What if something happens? Man B: I did not want to have anymore kids and didn’t want to use other forms of birth control.Put ice on the area and lay in bed for the next 36 hours. The procedure was painless and I was fully healed after about five days. I could sit at the desk with a bag of frozen peas and continue as per normal. I can't actually remember how long it was before we had sex.


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