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Saa S: This is an abbreviation for “software as a service,” which is a subset of companies that are in the business of providing software programs.30.

SEM: “Search engine marketing” is how businesses leverage search engines for marketing purposes.31.

To start, it’s probably most helpful to review some of the common acronyms that are tied to specific social media networks. PM: “Private message” is the more general term for any one-on-one communication that’s not visible to the public. RT: A “Retweet” is when you publish somebody else’s Tweet, in its entirety, to your own feed.

They’re generally intuitive, but you should be sure they’re locked in your brain. Business experts have always had a unique set of terminology.

UGC: The term “user generated content” encompasses any written or visual material that the individuals using a platform create, from comments or blog posts, to photos or video clips.

These may not come up frequently in your regular water-cooler chats, but it’s useful for anybody working in social to understand some of the most relevant technical abbreviations.

This is usually a specific action related to building the company’s social presence or to getting involved in a marketing push.18.


For social media, this could be a measurement of engagement, conversions, shares or clicks, depending on your purpose in being on those networks.20.

These cover a range of acronyms related to online business that could come up in a chat with the IT team or when dealing with a customer support ticket.

In either case, you don’t want to be nodding along without knowing what’s being discussed. API: An “application programming interface” is a set of rules for how pieces of software interact.

CMGR: This is the abbreviation for “community manager.”13.

CMS: A “content management system” is the tool you use for editing, scheduling and publishing any written material for the web.14.To be the best at your job, you’ll need to know all of the most common abbreviations. MT: Sometimes when you’re resharing a Tweet, you’ll alter the text.


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