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To copyright holders

Our automated pirate video search system conducts everyday monitoring of all major video hosting services of the Russian IT segment. We extract videos from official channels and use them as samples to search for similar clips. For instance, some copyright holders own official channels on video hosting services (TNT, ORT, VGTRK, etc.). They present their reference videos for detection of numerous copies posted on Runet’s UGC-resources. The unique duplicate search algorithm is apt to fetch out identical videos without any possibility of false response. Research has shown more than a 97% search depth and precision. Likewise, we can detect most videos poached in the download-and-post manner.

This is an included-but-not-limited-to thing! Our logotype search algorithm helps to trace all videos copied from air broadcasts and then posted on popular video hosting services. Thus we cut off another pirate video supply channel in Runet. Now we are searching and finding the logotypes of all major air/cable channels in Russia and we can ‘train’ our system to search new logotypes over a short period of time.

Copyright owners used to be faced with difficulties detecting their personal content theft. From now on our system has fully accepted this responsibility. All you have to do is outline a set of tasks for the system. We are relying on the foreign experience with similar systems (YouTube Video ID, Bay TSP, etc.) and we offer three solutions to the problem. With out system, you can: - monitor the viewing statistics for your clips to evaluate the ratings and the possibility of further monetization;
- notify video hosting services about pirate videos posted on their servers and require deletion;
- expect your ads to be placed into and around your videos and receive extra income and traffic from advertisers.

Definitely, our system is a matter of interest for video hosting services too. They can use preventive tactics and apply our algorithms to prevent copyright lawsuits, like the legal squabble between MTV and Youtube, or, in the Russian IT segment, claims set by VGTRK to and VKontakte.

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