Consolidating two itunes folders


I deleted over a thousand duplicates in seconds that would have taken me hours by hand. (I used Name, Artist, Album, Size and Sample rate).

This prevented deletion of “live” versions of the same song and the same studio recordings that were included on albums like movie soundtracks and “best of” albums.

Having multiple copies of the same file may take up more space than is necessary, and if hard drive space is limited, this may become an issue.

If you only need to keep your music and video files in one location, having the duplicates may be excessive and thus consolidating may or may not be a good solution for you.

The result is that you will have two copies of your files in your i Tunes library; one copy in its original location, and one in your "i Tunes music" folder.Because of this, as you play audio or video through i Tunes, each file you choose (or your computer chooses if you are shuffling) will have to have i Tunes locate the file through its library to the location of the file wherever it is stored.If you choose to consolidate your i Tunes library, the result will be that you will create copies of all of the files in your library into a single folder (usually "i Tunes music") on the hard drive of the computer from which you are running i Tunes.Hopefully, yours won’t be “nested” as mine were in several cases.

As soon as the second library is copied over, delete it and move to the third. **NOTE**This approach assumes that you want a single location with all your music and media files.

Digitally, I have cleaned up my act with two GLARING exceptions: Multi-Media and Photos.


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