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Had we known we were going to be bishops, we would have studied much harder in the seminary.

I imagine that nowadays there are few seminarians aspiring to the episcopacy since it was established that one of the indelible marks of the sacrament is a bullseye that they tattoo on your back. I can attest to the fact that these men were so surprised and overwhelmed by the news of their appointment as bishop.

They are also looking forward to sending a group to Sydney for the next World Youth Day.

The program is an important way of involving young people in the life of the Church and preparing peer ministers.

Bishop Dooher poses with his Life Teen group Showing of their “Bishop John” t-shirts Bishop Dooher seemed amused by them The ordination was very beautiful, both visually and aurally.

Were very grateful to Leo Abbott and the choirs for the music, which was very uplifting.

Following is the text of my homily as well as my comments directed to the Hispanic community: My brother bishops, priests and deacons, fellow religious, seminarians, knights and ladies, friends, families, parishioners of our newly appointed bishops, visitors and very dear friends, its such a joy to welcome all of you to the Cathedral of the Holy Cross for this ordination.

Its something thats a constant reminder of ones vocation and mission in the Church.


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