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The coding system used by Bimbo Bakeries does not match the set popularly circulated online.We checked with Westin Foods, Canada, a large Canadian bakery to compare their response with that of Bimbo Bakeries, USA.Ever wonder when that loaf of bread sitting on the grocery shelf was actually baked? With expiration dates and sell by dates still fresh on our minds, this article on "Breaking the Bread Code" from Wise Bread caught our eye.They explain that those twisty-ties holding the bag closed are actually color-coded to indicate the day the bread was baked.Following is the key: Monday: Blue, black, or brown Tuesday: Yellow Thursday: Green Friday: Orange Saturday: White As you can see, there appears to be no standard at all among various bakeries.While color coded bread tags do exist, there is no universal system in place among different bakeries.This freshness date means that the product should stay fresh and mold free through that date.Always look for this date when you are shopping, and choose the product with the freshness date the most distant from the date you are shopping.


Carl explained to us that there is in fact a color coding system used on bread tags, but the coding is “for the benefit of the driver so he can determine when to deliver the bread.” He provided the following codes: Carl cautioned that using tags to determine freshness may not yield the desired results and that the best way is still to look at the freshness date printed on the packaging.If that happens, though, you're not toast — just remember that the date on the tag is the sell-by date, not the date it was actually baked.So what does this mean for you, the savvy sandwich shopper?And it’s all contained in the twist ties or plastic clips around the top of the bread bag.

The article reiterates the decades-old claim that the color coding on bread tags indicate the freshest bread on the shelf.With a few exceptions, the colors are universal for all breads to make it easier for grocery stores to recognize older loaves and pull them off the shelves.


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