Blind dating movie part1


Sarah Frances Baker remembered sitting on her wounded father George’s lap in one of the wagons when the same bullet that snuffed out his life took a nick out of her left ear. “But even when you’re that young,” she maintained more than eighty years later, “you don’t forget the horror of having your father gasp for breath and grow limp, while you have your arms around his neck, screaming with terror.” She recalled “the blood-curdling war-whoops,” “the banging of guns,” and “the screaming of the other children and the agonized shrieks of women” being killed. I saw them shoot the girl after we were gathered up.


During their return, they were met with the news of the massacre.Unable to restrain their curiosity and impatient with waiting, the girls did not obey, but climbed out to do some exploring themselves.


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